The Suzuki Approach was developed in Japan by Dr. Shin'ichi Suzuki as a way of teaching music to young children.  It is often called the “mother tongue” method because childsame way they learn to speak their native language – by first listening to the music they will play.


One of the most important tenets of the Suzuki approach is parental involvement.  The parent is an active participant in the lessons and acquires the skills necessary to be the home teacher, whose duties include providing a loving, nurturing environment conducive to learning.


The pace of learning is completely individual and unique to each child.  In this one-step-at-a-time approach, each skill is broken down into manageable units of practice and each skill is mastered before moving onto the next skill


Repetition and positive reinforcement are important components of the mastery process.  Note reading is a necessary but separate skill that is introduced when the student has mastered the elements of posture and is playing “hands together.”



Saturday Morning group classes are a required and essential component of the program. Each student is placed in an appropriate level group class and dalcroze class which are designed to reinforce musical and technical skills as well as motivate students in a non-competitive group environment. Additionally, each student has numerous informal and formal performance opportunities throughout the year, including community and outreach performances. The annual registration fee paid upon registration covers these classes and performances for the entire academic year. 


Orchestra ensemble is designed for the intermediate Suzuki student. Music will be tailored to the level of the group. Skills to be learned include good ensemble, posture, reading in a large ensemble, playing together, listening across the orchestra all within a non-competitive atmosphere.


Chamber group is intended to provide advancing students the opportunity to work in groups of three or more, an environment that encourages musical collaboration and communication. Acceptance is based upon Teacher Recommendation. Minimum technical and reading level for this class is Bk 4 and higher.



Weekly Private Lessons take place at the instructor's studio location. Students receive feedback and new practice techniques, and parents receive instruction on how to effectively home coach their children.


Tuition for private lessons is billed quarterly, at the beginning of each 8 week session.

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