Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Suzuki Method    

The Suzuki Approach was developed in Japan by Dr. Shin'ichi Suzuki as a way of teaching music to young children.  It is often called the “mother tongue” method because childsame way they learn to speak their native language – by first listening to the music they will play.


One of the most important tenets of the Suzuki approach is parental involvement.  The parent is an active participant in the lessons and acquires the skills necessary to be the home teacher, whose duties include providing a loving, nurturing environment conducive to learning.


The pace of learning is completely individual and unique to each child.  In this one-step-at-a-time approach, each skill is broken down into manageable units of practice and each skill is mastered before moving onto the next skill


Repetition and positive reinforcement are important components of the mastery process.  Note reading is a necessary but separate skill that is introduced when the student has mastered the elements of posture and is playing “hands together.”



  Yearly Program    


All students take weekly private lessons throughout the year with a WRSS trained Suzuki teacher. Currently, we have 3 violin teachers, two viola teachers and one cello teacher.  Payment for private lessons is billed by the teacher and paid directly to the teacher. Lesson fees are as followed: 

30 minute lesson - $35

45 minuet lesson - $53

60 minuet lesson - $70


In addition to weekly private lessons, students are offered various opportunities to rehearse and perform.  All students are given 2 recital opportunities per year. For those who are registered as option A, there are many group performance opportunities such as community performances, informal recitals and chamber concerts.

Registration fees are paid once per year and cover all performance rehearsals and group activities. 

There are two registration options for students:

OPTION A $395 (Full registration) includes:  2 formal recitals and rehearsals with WRSS collaborative pianist, Saturday morning group classes and informal solo performance opportunities throughout the year, plus 2-3 community concerts and rehearsals at events such as National Anthem performances, Tree Festival performance, Fox 8 Morning show performance and various performances throughout the community including retirement communities.   Saturday morning group classes take place from 9-10:30 a.m. at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (2113 Ravenna St, Hudson, Ohio, 44236) roughly two times each month.  The group classes include Suzuki repertoire that is used to increase competence and skill and the chamber music which gives students an opportunity to learn new music in a chamber setting.  Students are grouped into classes according to their skill levels and ages.  Saturday classes provide an opportunity for students to make new friends and learn from peers.

OPTION B $160 (Basic registration) includes: two Formal Recitals and all Recital Rehearsals with our wonderful WRSS Collaborative Pianist.  Tentative Recital dates are Nov 2022 and May 2023. Various recital rehearsal options will be offered in the weeks before the recitals. PLUS, an option to join our National Anthem performance (for eligible students).




Private lessons

Weekly Private Lessons take place at the instructor's studio location. Students receive feedback and new practice techniques, and parents receive instruction on how to effectively home coach their children.


Tuition for private lessons is billed either monthly or quarterly depending on teacher preferences.