Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What if my child is sick and has to miss a lesson?

A. It’s best for your child (and the teacher) if you don’t bring your child to lessons when he/she isn’t feeling well. Notify your teacher as soon as possible that you cannot come because of illness and she/he will let you know if there are any other openings that same week. You always have the option of switching lesson times with another family or inquiring about a virtual lesson (zoom, skype, facetime ect).


Q. If I miss a lesson, will it be made up?

A. WRSS teachers have different policies regarding absences. Some instructors offer make-up times throughout the year, others do not. Please ask your teacher about his/her make-up policy. 

Q. Are vacations considered excused absences?

A. Vacations taken outside of typical vacation weeks (winter/spring break, Thanksgiving ect) are not excused and will not be made up. Please ask your teacher about holidays.


Q. I know well ahead of time that my child must miss a lesson. Can I just credit myself a lesson for the next quarter?

A. No credits are given for student absences or shortened lesson times (i.e. student leaves scheduled lesson early due to appointment, concert ect). Remember that you always have the option to switch times with another student. Please ask your teacher for his/her student contact list. Teachers who must miss a lesson will find a time to make-up the missed lesson or credit your tuition bill. 


Q. How do I know when tuition is due?

A. Your teacher will always send an online bill at least one week ahead of the due date. It is up to the parent to remember to pay the tuition on or before the due date otherwise late fees may be added.


Q. How can I pay for lessons?

A. Please ask your teacher about making your lesson payments. Some teachers accept online payments via zelle, paypal or venmo. Checks should be made payable to your private teacher.

Q. What if my child has an opportunity to do something amazing but must miss a lesson to take advantage of this opportunity?

A. NEVER turn down an amazing opportunity with your child. Well rounded students do many things and should take advantage of an opportunity if one comes along, which may be more important than that week's lesson. But please do not ask your teacher for a make-up. Your teacher has budgeted a block of time for you each week and that block of time can not be "transferred" to another student. Your music teachers are also professional performers and in some cases parents of their own children.